It is the customized solution of the Personalized Dosing System, created especially for hospital pharmacies, that want to automate and improve the workflow, and ensure that what the doctor prescribes, is the pharmacological treatment of the patient. This system is developed with practicality, service, savings and effectiveness in mind, avoiding human errors that can occur when dosing the medication. This regardless of the size of the center and its scope of action.

Within the system different levels of automation can be offered: from light racks and vertical carousels, to linear and chaotic (arm) robots for dispensing boxes. Secured and refrigerated cabinets for narcotics and thermolabiles respectively and fully computerized and secured medication carts, with access control system to the medication of the drawers.

Hospitfarma is not a project, it is a reality, it already works in hospitals around the world, with excellent results. . 




The preparation of PDS in the form of multidose is a good solution to save time and avoid errors in the preparation of medication for hospital patients. The preparations can be made for specific periods of time, by floors, dining rooms or centers according to the need of the final patient.



It is the most implanted system at the hospital level. The monodose allows the hospital to have greater stock control. More tranquillity and proper management and administration of the medication to the final patient.



Farmadosis treatment adherence control system allows both the nurses and doctors of the hospital centers, as well as the patient who has already been discharged and left home, to control their correct adherence to medical treatment.



Automated box dispensing systems are the best option to optimize medication management in your pharmacies, obtaining immediate information on the status of the stock, batches and expiration dates of the products they contain.



Farmadosis has a wide range of medication cabinets, from the simplest cabinets, to computerized and secure ones. These cabinets are very useful when storing medication and medical instruments, keeping them always ordered and in their correct position. 



The perfect solution for the distribution of medication in the hospital. Farmadosis has different medication models. Among them special carts for the distribution of PDS, carts with special drawers for injections, envelopes or dressings, or fully computerized carts to ensure the adherence of patients to the prescribed treatment.



Farmadosis presents the new Vision FZ system. After the great success of the Vision V3 system internationally, Farmadosis has developed a new product, the Vision FZ system. This allows to increase the operating speed of our existing system (Vision V3) by integrating a dual camera system, with IR system included, which allows us to perform a double analysis of the bagsproduced at high speed, without losing capacity to analysis and improving the results already obtained with our V3 system.


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