Farmadosis is a reference in our sector in pharmacy management and homes in the personalized dose system (PDS) services nationally and internationally (we are present in more than 25 countries on the five continents). Our goal, in the health sector, focuses on optimizing through engineering and software, processes and traceability of drugs supply. In addition, we facilitate the work of our clients with the application of a comprehensive online 360o monitoring system.

A great team of professionals

Our team has an extensive experience in the PDS sector and is prepared to design customized solutions for all types of pharmacy, whether conventional, hospital or healthcare centre. We design solutions with the optimization of services, patient safety and support to our clients at all times thanks to a technical and assistance team that can solve any incident immediately.



Farmadosis solutions are the mechanism of the best services to always achieve excellence and customer satisfaction.


The personalized dosing system service we offer, fully approved and certified, is intended for hospitals that want to boost the workflow, and ensure that what the doctor prescribes, is the patient’s pharmacological treatment.


Thanks to our robots, your pharmacy can offer a value service to the patient with which you can correctly comply with your treatment and reduce medication errors, while improving your work profitability.


Farmadosis robots are designed by our R&D department for easy use by workers. They are designed to offer the most advanced PDS system on the market, and also have the support of our 360o online software.


The global management system of pharmaceutical automation AMCO + is the software fully developed by Farmadosis to increase comfort, safety and efficiency in the control of automated pharmacy systems, reducing the chances of error by the human team and the automatons that act in this one.