Farmadosis Group

We are renowned in our sector for excellence in pharmacy management and monitored dispensing system (MDS) on a national and international level (we operate in twenty-five countries across five continents). Our objective in the health service sector concentrates on the engineering, software processing and traceability of pharmaceutical supplies. In addition, we ease the work of our clients with the application of a global 360º online monitoring system.

A Great Team of Professionals

Our team has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical MDS sector and is prepared to design tailor-made solutions for all types of pharmacies, whether conventional, hospital or social-healthcare centres.

We design solutions with service optimization, paying attention to patient safety and supporting you at all times, thanks to our technical and support team that solves any problem and can resolve any incident as swiftly as possible.

Monitored Dispensing System (MDS)

MDS Robots and software for Pharmacies, Healthcare Centres and Hospitals.
Farmadosis Group solutions, in this segment, we offer the best services available on the market always achieving maximum excellence and satisfaction of our customers.

We are unique and the only Spanish company that has obtained the ISO quality certificate in the installation and maintenance of hardware and software, for the production of personalized medication doses.

Healthcare Solutions

Farmadosis healthcare products, built with strictness and high quality standards, complete the protection of people, taking care of them and approaching the needs of demanding modern life in the most practical and understandable way the necessities of the demanding moderns life

Our partners

Farmadosis Group has established collaboration agreements in different areas with companies in the health sector that allow us to complete our product range with the best services and technology options, offering global a coverage.