Farmadosis has the solution to improve adherence to pharmacological treatment, ensuring the effectiveness and quality of procedures, in taking medication for the patient in the conventional pharmacy. They consist of approved and certified devices, as well as customizable software for any type of pharmacy.

Our devices have the guarantee that what is prescribed by the doctor, is what the patient receives correctly, in differentiated shots for days and hours. The main benefit of pharmacy robots is patient safety. Conventional pharmacies around the world already successfully use the Farmadosis Ofifarma solution.




The preparation of PDS in the form of multidose is a good solution to save time and avoid errors in the preparation of medication for hospital patients. The preparations can be made for specific periods of time, by floors, dining rooms or centers according to the need of the final patient.



Farmadosis treatment adherence control system allows both the nurses and doctors of the hospital centers, as well as the patient who has already been discharged and left home, to control their correct adherence to medical treatment.



Automated box dispensing systems are the best option to optimize medication management in your pharmacies, obtaining immediate information on the status of the stock, batches and expiration dates of the products they contain.




If you want to receive additional information about our solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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