PDS robots for Farmadosis nursing homes are the solution for society’s needs today with regard to the distribution and dosage of drugs. We offer a comprehensive PDS service for nursing homes, with which to automate the entire process, in order to minimize errors and increase productivity. For this we have a wide range of robots of automatic and semi- automatic packing systems.

In addition to accessories that also help improve process performance.

Residence Program works successfully in nursing homes for the elderly, sheltered centers and prisons.




The preparation of PDS in the form of multidose is a good solution to save time and avoid errors in the preparation of medication for hospital patients. The preparations can be made for specific periods of time, by floors, dining rooms or centers according to the need of the final patient.



Farmadosis treatment adherence control system allows both the nurses and doctors of the hospital centers, as well as the patient who has already been discharged and left home, to control their correct adherence to medical treatment.



Farmadosis has a wide range of medication cabinets, from the simplest cabinets, to computerized and secure ones. These cabinets are very useful when storing medication and medical instruments, keeping them always ordered and in their correct position.  



The perfect solution for the distribution of medication in the hospital. Farmadosis has different medication models. Among them special carts for the distribution of PDS, carts with special drawers for injections, envelopes or dressings, or fully computerized carts to ensure the adherence of patients to the prescribed treatment.


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