The global management system of pharmaceutical automation AMCO + is the software fully developed by Farmadosis to increase comfort, safety and efficiency in the control of automated pharmacy systems, reducing the chances of error by the human team and the automatons that act in this one.

AMCO-CRM-ERP (AMCO +) is the software developed by Farmadosis, currently implemented worldwide and used with different multibrand clients for the control and management of PDS’s production systems. .

This is composed of different modules:


All these modules replicate on a single database that stores all the control data of the pharmacy office, ensuring the traceability and proper functioning of all the different processes in a single point or control system.

AMCO is adapted to the new LOPD regulations, complying with Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5.

Software SPD Sistema de Gestión Farmaceutica

Stock and movement control application in the pharmacy: AMCO-WAREHOUSE

The inputs and outputs of products are controlled from the AMCO-WAREHOUSE. Taking into account the stored stocks, their batches and expiration dates and the production needs of the centre. When a product arrives at the centre, it will be introduced into the system, and will be monitored by the different processes until its final delivery. This will allow us to control at all times what is the status of that product or by-product (once it has been blisted) with ease, and will ensure that all products have had the correct monitoring within the installation.

This module will also help us to control the box robot, because with it we will control the stocks inside the robot, and it will be linked directly to the AMCO-DEBLIST and the AMCO-MNG that will make the necessary queries and requests to control the global system.


Deblistering control application in SPD production: AMCO-DEBLIST (optional)

The AMCO-DEBLIST is the ideal tool to control the centre deblister needs. The storage feed will then be in the form of unpacked sub-containers for dispensing to the production area, and non-emblistable medication containers for dispensing to the outptut preparation area.

With this module we will prepare all the medication that will later be blisted in the PDSs so the operator / preparer, with the help of the software will have the necessary information on what and how much medication should be unpacked at any time.

The software will provide the user with the necessary labels attached to the special containers to provide the operator of the PDS machines with all the information on their content, as well as the number of tablets, batches, date of unpacking, expiration dates, …

This information will be stored in the AMCO-WAREHOUSE which will allow at all times to control what unpacked medication the box robot contains, and will cause the material flow for PDS robots to be uninterrupted according to production needs.

Through a QR code system, the PDS machine operator will have all the necessary information that will be recorded in the AMCO-MNG module.


Drug falsification control application: AMCO-SEVEM

AMCO-SEVEM is the certified tool developed by Farmadosis for the control of medicines falsification. With this we will certify that all the medicines used within the production centre conform to the norm avoiding the entry of counterfeit products in the legal chain, reinforcing the safety of the patients and complying with European regulations.

This control will be located at the client’s request:

  • In the order reception area.
  • In the area of automatic storage and unpacking, taking care of the two automatic loaders, controlled by the AMCO-WAREHOUSE and the user of the AMCO-DEBLIST to certify that the material that is being introduced into the robot is completely legal.
  • In the area of preparation and outputs.


PDS patient and production control software: AMCO-MNG

AMCO-MNG is in charge of managing patients and productions, receiving patient prescriptions, or production orders from HIS management software (or similar) through webservices, or being introduced directly by the user.

AMCO-MNG is a software designed for the total management of the PDS within the pharmacy and hospital office. With this, the management of patients, prescriptions, productions, reports, … is simplified through the user-friendly interface that we have designed from Farmadosis:

Software SPD Sistema de Gestión Farmaceutica

Patient management

In this we can find all the information regarding the patient.

Gestión Farmaceutica

Management of medical prescriptions

In this we can find, modify and work on medical prescriptions.

Software Gestión Farmaceutica

Production Management

Software Farmaceutica

Production data Management 1

Software Gestión Farmacia

Production data Management 2

Software SPD Sistema de Gestión

Stock Control

Software SPD Sistema

Prescription History Control

Software SPD

Once you have received the productions, through a complex mathematical algorithm the software will control the productions present in all the machines of the production centre and the cassettes present in them to decide to which machine will send the production , optimizing the resources to reduce production time, thus increasing the production capacity of the centre.

Software SPD Gestión Farmacia

Within the AMCO-MNG we will find the print design of each bag, being able to customize the printing of each bag for each production, according to needs, and they can be dispensed with the desired order: by centres, modules, patients, shots…

Software SPD Sistema de Gestión Farmaceutica

This will be able to interact with each machine and prepare the productions, minimizing the preparation of trays and controlling, through a barcode system, which trays have been produced, by whom and for which machine they have been produced, so It will minimize the possibility of error, since the machine will not allow the insertion of a wrong tray for such production.

The system will feed the filling stations of the trays (fill-station) with the necessary information so that operators can prepare the trays correctly, safely and efficiently, minimizing errors.

The AMCO-MNG will be responsible for sending the productions to the AMCO-MACHINE (to the different emblister machines of the market) and receive from it the information corresponding to the bags produced, as well as codes or possible errors or lack of stocks in the different cassettes, thus making a connection between the AMCO-MACHINE and the AMCO- WAREHOUSE.  


Global control system of the PDS production machine: AMCO-MACHINE (available in Farma R and Farma RB, Farma L and FarmaRapid series)

The AMCO-MACHINE is the control software of the PDS production machines, controlling the operation of the machine at a particular level, at the level of cassettes dispensing, printing control, sealing, …

The ability to control our equipment through our own software allows us to control, from production times according to the position of the canisters, the printing of the pouches and control the changes of the batch and expiration according to the filling of cassettes so that the information on the pouch is the correct, as to the reactivation of according to which parts of the robot due to system failure.

This, once the pouches are filled, will send the necessary information of each of them to the AMCO-MNG from where the Vision quality control machine software will consult the contents of each photographed bag in order to perform the correct analysis of its content.

The AMCO-MACHINE will also be responsible for controlling the environmental variables during the production of the PDS such as humidity and temperature to maintain the correct conditions for the molecular stability of the product within the system.

Automated inspection machine control software: AMCO-VISION (available in Vision V3 and Vision FZ series)

AMCO-VISION is the software in charge of performing the quality control of the PDS produced. This will be responsible for, by reading the bar code or QR of the bag, identify it, consulting with the AMCO-MNG the contents of the pouch, and checking the characteristics of the same with the database of the referenced medicines, providing to the user responsible for the necessary information so that he can verify if the content of them is correct.

Once the content of a production has been validated, it will send the data to the AMCO-MNG so that users can check the photos of the bags at any time when necessary, maintaining a traceability of who, when and with what analysis they have validated the produced pouches.

Application of adherence control to the treatment of the final patient: AMCO-CT

The AMCO-CT is the module responsible for the control of the medication intake by the final patient. This module is the only one that will be used outside the production centre. Through this, street patients or caregivers / nurses of geriatric centers will control that the medication shots are carried out correctly.

This is an excellent tool to control the adherence of the final patient to therapeutic drug treatment, interacting with the AMCO-MNG in the collection of data on the patient’s treatment, and controlling if there has been any change in the treatment before dispensing.

The shots will be registered in the AMCO-MNG database and can be controlled by the doctor at any time to have more information about the patient and his follow-up of the treatment.
With the use of AMCO-CT, relapses by patients are significantly reduced, as well as possible poisonings or poor praxis in the taking of medication, so it ensures and increases the quality of life of the final patient, reducing costs for the health system.


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