We provide comprehensive solutions to automate the pharmacy. We optimize the profitability of your business thanks to the personalized dosage system of Farmadosis, a flexible and reliable procedure of prolonged guarantee.  

Automatic system


Automatic packaging systems perform a 360o integral management of the dosage of drugs, minimizing the risk of errors and organizing the shots according to the prescription.


Farmadosis allows the monitoring and control of the medication dispensed with PDS in nursing homes, hospitals and pharmacies. We have different models of automatic packaging robots, all of them with the ISO quality certificate.


By rotation


The upper part of this robot has a rotary hopper access system. These can be placed in any position of the robot and are recognized immediately.


100% hoppers and bases are intelligent. Production is uninterrupted while filling canisters. They are easy to clean. It also has a built-in dehumidifier and thermometer for better medication preservation.


By rails


The mode of loading of the cassettes is per rail. Frequently used medications are found on the front for easier and faster operation.


At the bottom it has a flexible numerical screen to recognize the position of the medication.


It is very easy to clean, without having to open or remove the canisters.


By trays


In each cell of the tray the medication is introduced per dose and patient, putting in each cell all the molecules of an intake.


The tray admits several patients simultaneously. Once the tray is complete, the robot opens the cells, filling, printing and sealing the bags.


Semi-automatic system


Semi-automatic packing systems are systems with which you can reduce repetitive and tedious activities, and obtain medication grouped by patient and take.


We currently have two semi-automatic PDS robots: FARMA RAPID and FARMABLISTER, which prepare bags and blister packs with the medication per dose and patient, in a 100% safe and agile way.




Farmablister is a new tool developed to perform personalized packaging safely. The client file, and the guidelines with the medication to be supplied, are introduced in the Farmadosis software. The template indicates with lights where to place each tablet, minimizing the possibility of error. Finally, the blister is closed and the labels with the identification of the patient and the medications are printed.


It is the only semi-automatic PDS system that produces blisters for two weeks and allows to verify at a glance, the molecules introduced before filling. Supports the most common blisters: Venalink, SDM, Omnicell, etc.


Farma Rapid


The Farma Rapid semi-automatic packaging system prepares hermetically sealed bags with the medication by intake: on them the patient’s name, the moment of the intake, the drugs included in the bag, intake icons, etc. are printed.


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